Looking for Affordable Dentist near the Airport ?

There resident dentists in some of the luxury hotels in the proximity to Philadelphia’s airports as well as decent dental practices situated in walking distance to many of the others. There is nothing worse than suffering from chronic toothache when away from home, whether its for business or holiday travel. Toothache will bring even the toughest of the tough to their knees unless treated. Let’s face it, nobody like having to experience a tooth extraction or root canal even at the best of times! There are not many among us that really enjoy visits to the dentist. I get a queasy feeling in my stomach just thinking about the sound of the dentist’s drill. So, what on earth are we expected to do when travelling and we are suddenly hit with searing pain of a tooth that needs urgent attention ? Finding a dentist that you feel comfortable with and trust is the most important thing. It’s normally best if you can get a friend or family member, somebody whose opinion you trust, to refer you to a dentist that they can recommend. This is not always easy when you’re away from home. With the advent of the Internet and the ability to search online with a few clicks, there are ways and means to get pointed in the right direction provided you trust the website doing the referring. Just last week, one of my colleagues travelled to Cape Town International Airport and stayed at a nearby hotel. A day later she experienced debilitating toothache. After searching online she came across a few articles about claremont dentist, Dr Pramond Singh. There were many dentists to choose from but Tiffany, my colleague, liked what the articles had to say about Dr Singh and made an appointment to see him. Even though he was fully booked for that day and had no slots available, he arranged to see her during lunch hour after hearing that she was not from South Africa, away from home and in urgent need of a dentist.

Struggling with the pain and surviving on a diet of pain killers, Tiffany arranged for a taxi to take her from the Airport Hotel to Dr Singh’s practice in Belvedere Rd, Claremont. According to Tiffany her experience with Dr Singh was “world class”. It is not uncommon for travellers from first world countries like the United States of America to expect the worst from service providers in foreign countries. “Dr Singh was a most caring a gentle dentist. Not only did he go out of his way to accommodate me when his schedule was already fully booked, but he also treated me with the utmost care. It’s rare that you find a dentist capable of administering a local anesthetic by injection, without causing some pain. I was concerned that I may need to have the tooth extracted, but fortunately that was not the case. Dr Singh’s dental practice was equipped with all the latest dental equipment and technology. In fact, I think it was better equipped than my regular dentist’s surgery back home. If you are ever travelling in Cape Town and are looking for a dentist based in Claremont, look no further than Dr Pramond Singh. He truly is a world class dental surgeon capable of developing a good rapport almost instantly.

Normally our articles are about the quality of hotels, the amenities they offer, where to make reservations or the best car rental agencies close to the airport. It’s really not often that we write articles about dentists on our website, but Tiffany’s glowing review of Dr Singh deserved a mention.