Why Travel Insurance is Imperative

Travel Insurance can seem to be, just more money, another expense. Can you really take the risk of leaving this out of your travel package? You are going to be far from home in another country, you want to be able to focus on the relaxing and adventure. Who knows what could happen. Taking out Travel Insurance can put your mind at rest, if the something does happen, you are covered. Here are a few more reasons to take out travel insurance.


Getting injured or suffering from illness on a trip

This is not what you want to happen on your holiday trip, but in an emergency or if you need to go and see a doctor, insurance plays a vital role in helping you out.  Having to get medical care overseas can cost a pretty penny; average costs may range from a couple of thousand pounds and up. Travel insurance is particularly important in cases where you may be planning an overland tour in Africa or Safari because of the risks involved.

Lost luggage

Standing to collect you luggage at the airport, travellers might have the unlucky experience in never seeing their goods again. This is made worse if you have to be somewhere for a wedding or a very important meeting. Luckily the insurance covers lost, stolen or damaged goods. You will be reimbursed for new clothes or items you lost.

Cancellation of flights

You are standing at the airport, excited to be going home for Christmas. You are all ready to board the plane when they announce that the flight has been cancelled due to poor weather conditions. In this case the travel insurance can help to fund a new flight to return home or will pay for your stay in a hotel.

Personal Liability

If for some reason you are on holiday and you are borrowing a car from a local friend you met, when you accidentally crash into the vendor cart on the corner. What a mess and a big problem if you are the driver. Personal liability insurance can help with this scenario, the insurance covers any property damaged or if you caused any injury in the accident.

Left without a passport or credit cards

You are having so much fun at the beach, but when you get back to your hotel room you can’t find your purse or passport. Having no travel documents or money, could turn into a holiday nightmare. This is where insurance is a life line; insurance companies will be able to pay the replacement costs of a new passport or credit card. This can also include having to get into contact with the consulate or the bank and ensuring the documents or credit card is delivered safely to you.

What are some things that aren’t covered?

Unfortunately if you are over the age of 65 and you have some sort of medical conditions, most travel insurance companies will not cover you. When it comes to health issues in general it is always best to be honest when initially filling out your insurance form. If something does occur and you left this out, your policy may be invalid. If you are planning on going on safari or any other kind of adventure tourism, be sure to check with your insurance provider that you have adequate cover.

Taking on an adventure holiday, participating in some really dangerous activities? In this instance the standard insurance cover will not be good enough and you may have to get extra cover.

Cover for travel insurance can vary so it is important for you to fully understand and read your policy before signing. There are a few other events that can be covered in extreme cases:

  • A terrorist attack: before your departure an incident occurs in the country you are travelling to and the airports have been closed. It is definitely not wise to travel now, but can you get your ticket refunded?
  • The company you are flying has just declared bankruptcy. How will you get your money back?

In all these cases if you decide to take out travel insurance you can be confident and happy, knowing you are protected traveling to your destination. Don’t become a statistic make sure you are prepared and ready to enjoy yourself with no worries.